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Technology continues to advance how we operate throughout our day. We’re able to use more than just handheld devices to play music, turn the lights on, or even arm our security systems. From an all-in-one Universal Remotes to voice directed platforms, find out how easy it can be to have a Smart Home.

Using programs like SAVANT and Control4, we can integrate all your devices into 1 application you can access on your phone or tablet instead of searching for each remote. Simplify and consolidate is the name of the game, and our advanced technicians can help get your home fully automated. Check out the different pieces to the Automation puzzle and contact us to see what we can do for you!



Newport is a certified Control 4 Dealer & Installer
Control 4 provides home automation solutions to make your life simple.

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Newport Audio Video & Electrical provides lighting control solutions for your home or business. Using timers, dimmers, and motion sensors in your home can help you save energy and cost.

The benefits of lighting control include reduced energy consumption, reduced power costs, more efficient usage, and longer bulb life.

The advantage of a lighting control system is the ability to control any or all lights in a building from a single user interface device. Create your own comfort level with convenient access to lighting control.

  • Whole Home Light Control
  • Energy Saving Lighting Solutions
  • Wireless Lighting Control
  • Solar Energy Systems
  • Light Dimmers & Timers
  • Occupancy Sensors
  • New Lighting Installation and Repairs
  • Custom Lighting Installation and Repairs
  • Lighting upgrades and repairs
  • Outdoor Security and Garden Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting Design
  • Track & Accent Lighting

Newport is a certified LUTRON Dealer & Installer
LUTRON provides home automation solutions to make your life simple.

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Newport is a certified Savant Dealer & Installer
Savant provides home automation solutions to make your life simple.

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In this energy-efficient age, we’re all looking for ways to conserve and cut costs to our monthly bottom- line. What if you could utilize the shades in your home to invite the sunshine in the winter and provide shelter from the high temperatures in the summer? Automated shades from Lutron Shading Solutions can help conserve energy, protect the furniture in your home all while letting in the natural light of day by diffusing the sun’s rays.

With a motorized shade system in your home, you can tailor the ambiance to match your event whether it be movie night with your family, or relaxing for the afternoon. By integrating shades into your system, you can also customize using a timer and conveniently access them all from the touch of a button.

In addition to the energy efficiency, the added safety and security they provide helps you feel safe leaving your home knowing it is protected from the street view. A variety of durable design materials are available for you to choose from and our experienced team will work closely with you to create your ideal layout.


Smart Homes are more than just sound and video, you can now control your locks and help keep your family safe, even when you’re not there. Instead of using a Hide-A-Key or leaving it under the mat, try a new way of protecting your home. With touchpads, or remote access you’ll find that wireless locks help you save time and worry.

We’ve come a long way with technology, and wireless locks work with the latest from Amazon’s Alexa and other voice command systems, your existing security systems, or on their own to make life go smoother.

Can’t remember if you locked the house before you left? No problem, use the remote access features to secure your home. Tired of losing your house key or getting locked out? Program the keypad to allow access for your family or temporary entry for a babysitter or repairman. With notifications that can be sent right to your phone, you can monitor the system at all times giving you peace of mind.